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The Ottawa Premiere of Andrew Ager's acclaimed opera "Frankenstein" in a fully staged multi-media production in the stunningly renovated Dominion Chalmers Theatre


On Halloween night 2019, "Frankenstein", the acclaimed opera by Canadian composer Andrew Ager, receives its Ottawa Premiere, in a spectacular multi-media production featuring some of Canada's top singers and musicians.


There is already a buzz in the capital about this exciting Canadian opera  - at its Toronto World Premiere the audience was drawn into the hypnotic and chilling world of Victor Frankenstein and the completion of his dream: "A Being of enormous stature" - which quickly turns to nightmare.


In only 45 minutes and ten scenes Ager depicts the  last days of Hitler and his entourage in their life underground as the Third Reich collapsed and the Russian Army was poised to overrun Berlin.

Ager has stated that he hoped to capture in the opera same kind of surreal atmosphere that Oliver Hirschbiegel did in his film Der Untergang (Downfall) in 2004.  In this, Ager succeeds completely.  He shows us leaders responsible for the deaths of millions of people who now live together knowing that the question is not whether they will commit suicide but when.  Life in the bunker is a microcosm of what is happening outside where Hitler has led Germany into a kind of mass suicide.


Among the bizarre scenes of the opera, all historically documented, are Hitler’s marriage to his mistress Eva Braun shortly before they commit suicide, Eva’s mingling with the soldiers in the bunker who are partying as if it is the last party they will ever have and Hitler and his friends enjoyed a bit of Kaffee und Kuchen, during which Hitler spends most of the time speaking to his dog Blondi and explaining how she understands what he says.


Andrew Ager’s new opera – in – progress.

Set in the Montreal Underworld of the 1970’s it is a story of power, money, and desire.


“Questa è la mia Città” is sung by the head of one of the leading families.  It is an ode to his power, and a foretaste of his fall.



This is my city.  I love these streets. I know them all. I played here as a boy.  Yes, this is my city.   My friends live here – my enemies live here.  We’re all playing in the streets.  Like it’s a big game.  This is my city.  Listen…listen…at night you can hear everybody.  You can hear everything.  I love the night, I love these streets.  Yes, this is my city.


Camera:  Peter Polgar;  Lighting, direction & editing:  Kevin Reeves, Baritone: Luc Lalonde

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